Nucleofector™ Technology

The Nucleofector™ Technology –
a Revolution in Transfection

Non-viral Transfection Method

The NucleofectorTechnology is a novel transfection technology especially designed for the needs of primary cells and difficult-to-transfect cell lines. It is a non-viral method which is based on a unique combination of electrical parameters and cell-type specific solutions.

Ideal for DNA and RNA

Optimal nucleofection conditions depend upon the individual cell type, not on the substrate being transfected. This means that identical conditions are used for the nucleofection of DNA and RNA. Consequently switching between substrates or performing co-transfections with DNA and RNA is straightforward.

DNA Delivery Straight into the Nucleus

Although Nucleofector® technology is non-viral, it allows transfected DNA to directly enter the nucleus. In contrast, other commonly used non-viral transfection methods rely on cell division for the transfer of DNA into the nucleus. Thus, nucleofection provides the ability to transfect even non-dividing cells, such as neurons and resting blood cells.

High Throughput Transfection

Two Nucleofector® devices are available: The Nucleofector®, working with single cuvettes for standard applications and the Nucleofector® 96-well Shuttle® System, designed for high throughput transfection.

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