Insect Cells

Nucleofection® of Insect Cells

For many research protein applications insect cells provide the ideal expression system, as they combine the ability to produce proteins containing eukaryotic post-translational modifications with both high productivity and simple cultivation needs.
Nucleofection® provides outstanding transfection efficiencies for most common insect cell lines incl. Sf9 and S2 cells. This facilitates significant time-savings in generation of recombinant baculotiters for baculovirus-mediated protein expression as well as excellent protein yields from transient protein production.

  • Up to 82% transfection efficiency and 79% cell viability
  • Transient protein expression with high yields
  • Time-savings in generation of baculovirus due to excellent efficiency of bacmid delivery 
  • 96-well Nucleofection® format available for fast and standardized screening of bacmid or other vector constructs 
  • Easy-to-follow protocols with cell culture details

Excellent protein production rates of S2 insect cells 24 hours post Nucleofection®. S2 cells (ATCC) were transfected with insect expression vector encoding the LacZ/β-gal gene. Each bar represents the average β-gal enzyme activity from six replicates 24 h post-transfection, demonstrating the excellent protein production rates achieved by Nucleofection® already after 24 h. β-gal enzyme activities were at similar levels 48 h after transfection (data not shown).

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