Transient Protein Production

Lonza Transfection Technology for Transient Protein Production

Transient protein expression in mammalian and insect cell lines has gained increasing relevance as it enables fast and flexible production of high-quality eukaryotic protein. Milligram amounts of protein can be produced within several days, meaning a significant shortening of process time in comparison to protein production from stable clones where generation of producer cells and production of protein can take up to several months.

Transient protein expression & production offers:

  • Fast production of small-scale protein amounts
  • Low costs for cell maintenance

In the past gene transfer into serum-free cultivated mammalian and insect cells suitable for protein production was hampered by inefficient transfection methods.

XpressNOW Transfection Reagent is the ideal tool for transient protein production using suspension HEK293 cells.

The Nucleofector® Technology represents the ideal tool for gene transfer even into difficult-to-transfect cell lines like suspension CHO cells. It has now been successfully tested and validated for its use in transient protein production.

Benefit from Nucleofector® Technology in transient protein expression & production:

  • Milligram amounts of protein in just a few days – High transient protein expression yields
  • Applicable for your favourite cell clone – Suitable for any individual cell line and clone, e.g. suspension CHO, suspension HEK293, BHK-21, NSO, S2 and many other cells
  • Fast onset of expression – Direct transfer of DNA into the nucleus
  • Single to 96-well format – Accelerating and standardizing your research
  • Simple up-scaling of experiments –  From 106 to 107 cells per single Nucleofection® or up to 2x108 cells per 96-well Nucleocuvette® plate
  • Flexibility in choice of cultivation media – Applicable even under serum-free conditions
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