Lonza's BioResearch market

Our BioResearch market comprises the areas of cell and molecular Biology, drug discovery and applied research. We offer automated solutions to help researchers control product quality & safety that include endotoxin detection assays, software and testing services.

Meet the Expert presentations at the 41st Annual Society for Neuroscience

Experts in the field will cover a broad range of neuroscience topics including hESC-derived motor neuron progenitors, hESCs / iPSCs dopaminergic neurons, cryopreserved dissociated rodent neurons and efficient adherent transfection for basic neuronal and  drug discovery research, and cell replacement therapy applications. For more information and to register
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ProSieve™ EX buffers

Take your protein research from hours to minutes.

NEW ProSieve™ EX running and transfer buffers are modified buffer formulations that perform just like tris-glycine but significantly accelerate run time and transfer time.  Complete separation and transfer in just 30 minutes!

  • Separate in half the time and transfer in 10 minutes
  • Compatible with standard gel systems and protocols
  • Razor sharp resolution over a wide protein range

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NEW! 4D-Nucleofector™ Y unit for transfection of neural networks

  • Efficient – Achieve up to 70% transfection efficiency in neuronal networks
  • Physiologically relevant – Nucleofection™ of neurons at later developmental stages
  • Convenient – Straightforward handling using standard 24-well culture plates
  • Flexible – Suitable for post-transfection analysis by confocal microscopy or patch clamping

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